Life is good!

 Everything is looking up!

I feel like I have energy again. I found out they started a new season of Gintama. I am seeing someone. And I'm starting composting!
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In space, no one can hear you scream "Fire your writers!"

What is it about space operas that make them so addicting and yet suck so much?

The problems with logic and reaction in Star Wars is more epic than the epic story the movies claim to be and yet... there is an unholy attraction to it that makes you almost find a way to redeeming it and see past the flaws. I'm starting to think all space opera are like that.  

Going into anime series, it only gets worse because there's a cultural barrier added to inanity. Or at least you hope it's only a culture barrier.  For example, Gundam Wing, a series that made me go "W.T.F. Has even one of the writers ever met a human being in their life? 'Heero come and kill me?' 'I'm running away to go wear a mask?' 'I hate war so much and I'm going to make a really big one?' That makes no sense."

Broke person I am, I've been checking out anime series the local library. If you haven't seen it yet, the series, "Glass Fleet", is a space opera, with blatant yaoi and hebephilia (aka lolicon) and has so many flaws plot-wise and pacing-wise with fumbled attempts at depth and philosophy. But I like it somehow and I keep on thinking of ways to make the ending work. Plus I want to cosplay Countess Bebe.

She has the Universe's greatest hat.

Maybe I like the series because I like the heroine. She's basically Relena Peacecraft from Gundum Wing... except cool. And most of her reasoning make sense. Sure, she does the "Please kill me" line to the hero but that's because the emperor of the universe wants to rape her older, dead brother. Yeah. This actually make sense for the series.

 So watch it, but I don't know why they are able to fly around space without space suits and their blood not freezing/boiling in the vacuum of space.
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Yay! Plants!

In case you haven't heard, I am a homeowner now. Which is odd since the day after the fatigue wore off from 72 hours of screaming at the bank and freaking out over moving (completed in 14 hours! ) I now feel a really strong urge to run away, change my name, become a pizza chef somewhere by the sea.

I like pizza but I don't trust the sea and I hate being broke and homeless. It wore off.

But this weekend has been great. I went fishing last night and plan on doing it again once I figure out what the fish around here eat. Grandpo swears by salmon eggs and peanut butter. Nathan says cornchips and cheeze whiz. It definitely ain't the anchovies the bait guy said at Bass Pro.

So moving on...Anyone who knows me knows I'm an extreme plant hoarder. I buys plants and seeds at an terrible pace. Some of them live and but most die due to the extreme conditions I put them through. I live in hellish deserts and I put things on my porch in pots and I have A.D.D. which doesn't translate to a consistent gardener. I have a green thumb and can nurse a plant from Death's dry grip but then I forget about the plant and... yay. Consistency is not my forte. The only reason I'm a good sister and pet owner is that the siblings and animals whine is you don't feed them.

So I finally got a chance to plant plants in the ground, with an automatic watering system so there is a chance they will live!
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Movie review

I just saw an early release of the Prince of Persia movie, due out in theaters on the 28th. Pretty good. Closer to Pirates of the Caribbean than Kingdom of Heaven... wow, I just remembered those were both Orlando Bloom movies. So that's the review: Take 2 Orlando Bloom movies then remove Legolas and you have the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Still pretty good. Nice fights, fun special effects, and lots of free-running action shots. I like the tax-evading ostrich-race promoter. It's a movie based on a video game so you aren't expecting Citizen Kane. It was fun.
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The stress is getting to me

I had a dream Sunday night that I was at ACEN along with my underclassman cello players from high school and another girl. Us and this other chick led the entire convention goers in an epic battle to save the world from an evil shapeshifting space alien that could infect our minds with insanity.

I just remembered that I was wandering, trying to get to a panel all weekend long when I kept on shifting into strange alternative fantasy worlds. Somehow I killed the alien's final form in the one of the dreams/hallucinations (while trying to keep a Lina Inverse top on my chest which wasn't working because tube tops are a big no no for me.) and made it to the convention hall. But the panel was canceled because 14 other con goes had died.

So we all held a Star Trek funeral, complete with bagpipes and kilts. Because vulcan ears somehow look hotter with all of us in kilts. Yeah. I don't understand that logic either.

Anyway I need to just buy my dang ACEN plane tickets.
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Just a few more days

I've told everyone on Facebook and RL but I might as well share here.

I've got a house. A cute, lil 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house outside of Seven Hills. I'm not too crazy about it being in a gated community. I keep on getting a bit paranoid about living under a home owners association but I have an apple tree and a small backyard. Sadly 90% of the nice neighborhood have HOA, which sucks. I still bet they can't stop me from keeping ornamental ground fowl.

All I need is the appraisal to close. It's looking so bright and sunny in my future, which is kinda odd with the whole gloom doom economic and political news. But I'm getting a house that went for $300+K just a couple of years ago and priced completely out of my league.

I have rose bushes and flowering plum trees! ^_^
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One step closer

I got my pre-approval for a mortgage and a Realtor last week. And I found a great house already. I put a bid on it officially Monday.

I'm so excited. The house has 3 other bids on it so it isn't a done deal and it might be a bidding war.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


Out bid. Oh well.

This is ground zero for foreclosures so there will be more houses out there.
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I'm alive! I'm Alive! I swear I'm alive!

Things have gotten complicated in the home front but it's always like that so I really shouldn't complain.
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I found this video and I'm wondering if I should share it with the Hetalia fans. But unfortunately I'd have to go back through months of com spam to see if I'm repeteing others.

If you guys haven't seen this, you've got it. These guys got mad props since the production values are so good. I watched the non-parody version and I prefer this one. See it to the finale. Thomas Jefferson in guy-liner.

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*A moment of silence*

Norman Borlaug, father of the Green Revolution and leader of the team that has saved billions of people, has passed at age 95.

He was responsible for averting the predicted Malthusian disaster of widespread famine and food wars by the development of high yield crop strains. Without their research, billions of lives would have been lost or prevented in the developing world.

A life well worth lived.
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Okay no sex or drugs but I got the Rock n Roll!

Just checking in. August rocked so hard! Not one but TWO rock festival attended.
First I went to Epicenter 09 in Pamona, CA. Hollywood Undead, Atreyu, Alice in Chains, Atmophere, Wolfmother, Linkin Park, and Tool. Yes Tool. *happy sigh* It was so worth the 4 hour drive. The 12 hours in the sun and humidity was a bit tiring, and $4 bottles of water should be legally labelled as highway robbery.

Atreyu, who I really wanted to go see since Prof Pop's class prevented my previous attempt, was slightly disappointing on the songs I didn't already know and like. They need a bit more polish. Hollywood Undead also messed up with the sing along. You are supposed to do a couple of verses before you ask the crowd to sing along, not begin the song. Their song is catchy but I had only heard it 2 times before on Vegas radio station so I could understand the crowd muttering through it.

I'm not the biggest Linkin Park fan since they only have one song that basically goes "I resent you because I do not fulfill you expectations" and I thought that sentiment was lame even in middle school. Still they are EXCELLENT in concert. Atmosphere is my favorite rap group and always wonderful in concert.

But other than that I got to see Tool. Maynard had a broken leg or something so he just skulked in the shadows but it was Tool! And they did do that song wishing California fall off the face of the map. It's those little touches!

I also got to see my cousins for Vanessa's babyshower and I finally got to see Monique's baby. So cute! But I did finally get the "You have your degree, and a job, and stability. YOU should be the one reproducing out of the cousins. Why aren't you married?" vibes. I have a feeling the next time I visit relatives it might get awkward. Telling them I have a dog and cat isn't enough. Maybe I should get a couple of fish...

Second music festival was a free Christian rock concert in the Thomas and Mack center. I remember Ashley telling me that one of the Korn bandmembers going insane and being miliantly born again. Well it was his first big arena concert with a new group. Frankly, I couldn't tell the difference between his new Christian band and old Korn.

Anyways, I was there for Flyleaf. Oh my I love them and was so excited to see them for FREE. If you get a chance to see them do it. That Laci girl is so tiny!